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The Frugal Homeowner

You don’t have to spend a fortune to insure the safety of your family and home. I have listed several things you can do for little money to help make your home a safer place without having to install a complete home security system, which is definitely not frugal. In fact, few have the money to install such a system. Install alarms First things first. You might want to buy one of those small door-installed alarms that cost about $20 or less. Powered by cell batteries, once […]

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Saving Money on Car Gas

With the cost of gas today, we are all looking for ways to save money. Below are several tips that will help you save on car gas. Every little bit adds up. Get A Gas Card Almost all major gas stations offer their own brand of gas credit card that will allow you to save 3-5 percent on all your gas purchases at their stations. Saving 5 percent off every gallon of gas means a savings of around $3.75 per tank. Avoid Aggressive Driving Hitting the gas […]

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Being Frugal and Happy

Frugality and happiness aren’t something society usually puts together. Frugality often brings up images of great sacrifice. We think of the miser who lived in poverty only for others to find millions saved after the miser passes away. What was the use? Frugal living isn’t necessarily what you may possibly consider it to be. Frugal people live very happy lives. They find happiness in meeting goals, reducing their financial burdens and living stress free. How happy can you be when you are drowning in debt and struggling […]

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